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Kurochka Clothing


About Kurochka

Started by three Ukrainian ladies, Kurochka is a line of t-shirts and more with a hint of The Motherland. We're screenprinting hot (and often humorous!) designs based on Russian and Ukrainian folklore, fairy tales and culture.

But we don't just want to dress the world in good-looking gear. We also want to teach you about these countries: the traditions, the culture, the food (the drink!), the fairy tales, the quirks, the myths and the reality. How do you make borscht? Who is that old hag who lives in the cabin on chicken legs? How do I kill Koshchey Bessmertny? All this knowledge and more can be yours to make you better at Trivial Pursuit, crossword puzzles, cocktail parties or life in general.

We're printing on fluffy-soft, well-fitting American Apparel tees, using a local printer right here in Brooklyn, America to produce high quality stuff you won't want to take off or put down.

Kurochka was started by Mother-Daughter team, Ellen (mother, designer, cat-lover) and Yana (daughter, designer, food-lover). Ellen and Tanya (godmother, artist, master of inappropriate humor) create the art, while Yana's in charge of the internet and tracking down the latest cat videos. Ellen and Yana live in Brooklyn, while Tanya is stuck with slightly worse-weathered Cherkassy, Ukraine.

Kurochka began on Kickstarter and we couldn't have done it without our lovely supporters. Here is the video we used to explain our project!

Eat More Russian Food

Kurochka has a huge list of projects in the works. Since we're focused on design and education, and are also obsessed with food, our next idea seemed right up our alley: a book of recipes, food-related stories, history, illustrations, facts and more. We are currently looking for an agent. If you know one or are one, or have any ideas or requests, please email us:

Our Comrades

Yelena Mirchevskaya

Ibrahim Musti Ekin
Out favorite programmer!

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Jill Caruso, DVM
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