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Kurochka Clothing


What are those designs on your t-shirts?

Our designs are are based on Russian and Ukrainian culture, folklore, fairy tales and more, and created by Ukrainian artists. They are all original, unique, very specific, and often humorous. We print very small runs so you're guaranteed never to meet somebody with the same t-shirt.


How durable and long lasting are the prints?

We use silk screen printing, which is the best method for reproducing images in true-to-life color with a high level of vibrancy, as well as the most durable. It will survive endless cycles in the washing machine so don't be afraid of getting dirty.


What is the t-shirts quality?

We use American Apparel garments, which are famous for their high quality material, soft feel, light weight, proper fit and durability. Their high quality fabrics are guaranteed by an active quality control department that strictly oversees the in-house production of fabric at its knitting facilities and much more. And they're made in the USA!

Is this fabric good for screen printing?

These fabrics are perfect for producing excellent screen printing results because the thread has a higher count of longer, more desirable fibers, which then is weaved tighter to produce a finer knit.

Are these fabrics environmentally friendly?

American Apparel works toward environmentally friendly approach: they have a smaller carbon footprint, recycle almost all manufacturing waste, and are virtually landÔ¨Āll-free.


I am not sure whether a t-shirt will fit me, how can I find out the measurements?

Here are the measurements for male and unisex tees and here are the measurements for female tees.


How do I pay for my items?

We accept PayPal, through which you can use your credit card or bank account. No PayPal account needed.


What shipping services do you use?

We use USPS First Class mail for domestic shipping and Priority Mail for international shipping.

How can I find the shipping cost on your website?

You can find the shipping costs by entering your zip code after you click "pay" on the checkout page.

What about free shipping?

Free shipping on orders over $100!

How fast do you ship the orders?

We ship orders within 24-48 hours (weekdays only). Please allow about one week for USPS delivery, and an unspecified (but hopefully brief) time for customs in international countries.

Can I change the shipping speed or method?

This option is coming very, very soon.

Can I track my shipment?

Yep. When the package ships, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number.


What should I do if my order arrives damaged, or it's not right?

It is highly unlikely, but if it happens, email us and we will send you a prepaid return shipping label and issue a full refund.

Can I return or exchange the merchandise?

You can return or exchange the merchandise in mint condition within 2 weeks of receiving it. For more questions about returns, exchanges or refunds please email us within a week of receiving your gear at and we will be happy to accommodate you as best we can.


How often do you send newsletters?

We don't often send newsletters, but when we do, it's to announce cool, new products, discounts, sales, news about our cookbook and fascinating things like that. And we will never, ever share your email address with anyone, even under threat or torture.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to/from the newsletter?

You can sign up for our newsletter by clicking here. You can unsubscribe by clicking the 'unsubscribe' link in the newsletter.


Do you have discounts?

When you purchase something, you receive a 10% discount off your next purchase. Sometimes we post discount codes on our Facebook, or newsletter (a good reason to sign up). And we often run sales around the holidays. Follow us to stay informed!

Do you have gift cards?

This option is coming soon. Send us an email if that isn't soon enough for you.

Do you have a referral program?

This option is coming soon, too. Send us an email if that isn't soon enough for you either.


I have a special request.

Due to our printer's minimums, to make a special order, there has to be enough demand, as we are unable to print just one of something. The more people that ask for something, the more likely it is that we'll be able to print it, so make sure to tell your friends to email us, too!

I have a t-shirt idea.

We're all ears. Please email us at and tell us about your idea; we will definitely consider it.


How do I know I can trust you?

We guarantee that you will be absolutely satisfied and thrilled with your order. You can read the reviews of other satisfied and thrilled customers here.