Remix! Baba Yaga Flying Above the Fence T-shirt


Join this spunky Baba Yaga and her backseat driver cat as they fly over the fence of a traditional Ukrainian village. Where are they going? What are they up to? A mystery…

Soft, light weight t-shirt from American Apparel, 50/50 blend

PLEASE NOTE: These t-shirts are custom drawn to order. Please allow 7-10 days for the drawing process. You can add a short custom text, which will be handwritten. If you want it in another place, please indicate it clearly

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In the Cabin on Chicken Legs lives Baba Yaga, that (in)famous Russian witch. She`s ugly, with a hook nose, a hunchback, crooked yellow teeth and dirty, torn rags. And yet, she has a certain charm, a je-ne-sais-quoi we can`t quite place.

Learn more about her and her cabin.

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